Barclays Focused on Mobile Payments

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Barclays plc has been experimenting for years. The bank has been working on developing new, creative ways to promote mobile payments. So, what’s the outcome? Who can help you with payment transactions? Just go on reading below and you’ll know.

Contactless Payments Growing

Technology has undergone changes no one could expect in the past. Today, people are increasingly making their everyday payments via their mobile devices. Payment companies go on announcing new, more advanced innovations, thus making the future hold so many interesting things for people all over the world. One of them is Barclays plc, British multinational investment bank and financial services company.
Did you know that in 2018, UK customers spent £69 billion on contactless cards? This was a 31.8% increase compared with the numbers of 2017.

Mobile Payments: What Barclays Plc Offers
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  • The bPay Brand: This is an extremely experimental project. With bPay, you can complete contactless transactions. You can find this technology embedded into jackets, bracelets, as well as into smartphones.
  • Barclaycard and Uber’s Visa Card: Launched in late 2017, this technology solution helps consumers get their approval in just a few minutes. They just need to sign up directly using the Uber app: the main customer information is already available on file.
  • Several months ago, Barclays entered into a partnership with a UK coffee chain, Costa Coffee. As a result, the card issuer is able to launch integrated contactless payments technology in a reusable coffee cup and allow users to just tap or wave the cup itself to make a payment.
  • PayPal and Barclays entered into a partnership in 2018. This allowed Barclays customers in the UK and US to have control over their Barclays and PayPal accounts in the apps.
  • Barclays has made investments in loyalty technologies such as Bink. This way, the card issuer aims to push forward its mobile banking app. Its other loyalty partners Flux and Krowd in the UK and Kard in the US.
  • Travelers who apply at a kiosk in the airport for the Barclays American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator card can enjoy some advantages. E.g., their 1st bag may be checked for free and they may enjoy a day’s flight if they wish.
  • Another feature offered by Barclays is called SecurHold. The latter allows users to temporarily lock lost/stolen cards.

As you see, mobile payment technology is developing with rapid advances. Take the time to find the right payment processor so to offer your customers the most advanced payment transaction solutions in the field.

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