Bank of England: Visa’s Outage Response Assessment

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

The BoE (Bank of England) has recently required Visa to appoint PwC as an independent 3rd party to review how the card brand is progressing. What about you? Are you using the right payment processing services to move forward successfully? To know more on this topic, just go on reading the article.

Bank of England on Visa’s Outage
The BoE has recently announced is trying to force Visa to appoint accountancy firm PwC to figure out whether Visa has followed the recommendations of the report by EY, another firm, in a due manner. The report is related to the Visa’s European outage in June 2018

As you know, the outage had a negative impact on 1.7 million cards out of 16 million used, resulting in a failure rate of about 9%. The outage put travelers in a difficult situation and resulted in long lines at supermarkets. Consumers and stores were trying to understand how they could make payments without Visa.

Unfortunately, the incident wasn’t the only outage of this kind that occurred in 2018. In today’s reality where technological outages go on paralyzing the financial sector banks can’t sit without stirring a finger. They must start using up-to-date legacy systems.

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What to Expect
Technology crashes at UK banks grew with over double digits last year, thus increasing by 187% in the year to October. These days, large financial institutions are considered perfect targets for payment fraudsters.

Banks, including both the US’ Wells Fargo and National Australia Bank, have already talked about nationwide outages over the last year. As it was mentioned above, in June, Visa Europe’s outage left millions of customers across the continent in a situation where they weren’t able to use their cards.

Now, the UK’s central bank is going to make use of its statutory powers to make Visa fully implement its recommendation of an independent review. The latter had revealed that the company wasn’t prepared for the failure and wasn’t able to provide proper communication to those having been victimized.

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