Amazon Pay for Gas Payments via ExxonMobil & Fiserv

Friday, January 17th, 2020, Inc. has entered into partnership with oil company ExxonMobil Corporation and financial firm Fiserv. Such cooperation will allow for making gas payments, using the voice assistant at gas stations. To know more about this cooperation and how Amazon Pay will help you pay for gas, just go on reading below.

Amazon Pay Coming to Cars

At the recent CES in Las Vegas, Amazon announced its customers will be able to make gas payments by just articulating “Alexa, pay for gas.” After customers pull up their cars at a gas station, they can say these magic words, confirm the station and pump number so that Alexa can make the payment and activate the pump for usage.

The company’s online-payment service Amazon Pay will be responsible for this type of transactions. According to the payment giant, customers are going to enjoy seamless transactions without the need to leave their cars before the pumps are activated.

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Amazon’s Cooperation With ExxonMobil & Fiserv  

Drivers are already using Amazon’s Alexa for turning off the lights at home, purchasing movie tickets, and more. Soon, the customers will be able to enjoy the mentioned new feature at 11.500 Exxon locations.

The new service is to become available for Mobile later this year. So, any customer with Alexa-enabled devices in their vehicles will be able to use the service. As Devin Miller, consumer marketing manager at ExxonMobil, says, making gas payments from the comfort of your car is an innovative solution designed to surprise their consumers.

To sum up, Amazon has announced at CES that Alexa users will soon be able to use their credit cards connected to their online accounts for fuel charges.

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