Amazon China Failures | Lessons For The West

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

The eCommerce giant Amazon’s story in China is dragging to its end. The story provides valuable lessons to learn from. This article will tell you what you can learn from Amazon’s failure in China, as well as know how you can best deal with retail merchant services complaints.

Amazon’s Failure in China
The consumer base is becoming more connected and experience orientated all over the world. The future of retail is going to be associated with friction-free convenience. The winners of this war will be those who’re more experienced.

Amazon has given up competing with its rivals in China such as Alibaba and Now, the eCommerce giant is closing its business there. In fact, Amazon has been struggling for already years not to stay behind the major players in China such as Alibaba’s Tmall. The latter owns a big part of the market concerning imported products via online platforms.

According to the CEO of an eCommerce solutions provider for dealers in the UK, for online shoppers worldwide, expecting that everything will happen instantly will be something by habit. In fact, Amazon has been among the top instigators of this trend in the UK, Europe, and the US. So, let’s move forward to see what lessons merchants can learn from Amazon’s experience.

Learning from Amazon: Retail Merchant Services Complaints
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Some important take aways:

  • Amazon provided confidence in a well-received returns policy, and Alibaba provided a proposition where customers could pay after receiving and being happy with their purchases.
  • Alibaba provided simplicity and fewer risks for its consumers.
  • Alibaba was much more integrated in terms of payments.
  • Amazon didn’t put enough efforts in building on brand reputation in China.
  • Alibaba was well aware that its customers were looking for brand experience across all platforms, destinations, and moods.
  • Amazon failed to localize: its website, warehouses, and the delivery system in China had the same organization as in any other part of the world.

To sum up, Amazon is shutting down its business in the Chinese domestic eCommerce market. The US technology giants’ experience in China offers several real lessons for UK merchants, and not only.

By learning these lessons, you can figure out how to survive in the digital markets worldwide. Namely, you can learn how to enhance competitiveness and evaluate the importance of working with a true payment specialist in your field.

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