7 Ways to Use Fraud Data to Creatively Boost Your Business

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Creative thinking is so much help when you need to boost your business. By becoming more familiar with working with big data, you can more easily come up with unique and innovative ideas that’ll soon turn into the norm. Strikingly, this is also true of fraud data. Let’s see how the latter can help your business in more than one way.

Boost Your Business with Data

Data can be used to establish a complete digital identity for each customer. It can help you prevent fraud with success. Beyond that, data can also shed light on hidden but vitally important insights into your business overall.

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How to Use Fraud Data to Grow Your Business
A report by Experian shows that eCommerce fraud grew 33% in 2016. It’s too important for every retailer to be concerned about the security of its company and build plans accordingly. Let’s see how you can take advantage of fraud data when growing your business. So, it can help you:

1. Change your assumptions and get to know your ideal customer better.

2. Discover insights about your business that you couldn’t even expect and help you stop other crimes.

3. Understand your customer’s true intent. As a result, you’ll be able to connect with high-value clients. It can help you reach out to these customers directly and improve the experience of dealing with them.

4. Launch an international initiative and adjust the language you use to a new market that you may discover as a result.

5. Uncover low-value customers and target more valuable ones.

6. Serve your customers better by offering products they’re interested in and find them affordable or engaging. As a result, you’ll make customer relationships more successful.

7. Build a successful data strategy by taking into account how data generates value for your company, what critical data assets you have, your company’s data ecosystem, as well as how you control your data.

Big Data-focused Customer Value Analytics (CVA) enables marketers to provide consistent omnichannel-customer experiences across channels of any type. This plays an extremely important role in running a business with greater success.

To sum up, businesses are increasingly getting more and more focused on Big Data since they realize the importance of the latter in growing a business with success. Data, including fraud data, can help you make faster and better decisions, as well as process better transactions and reject fraudulent ones.

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